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Two Different Versions
The Sword Bible is available in two different versions. The KJERV (King James Easy Reading Version) and the KJV (King James Version). Both bibles offer a number of unique features not found in similar editions. Read below for a detailed descriptions of the features that make the Sword Bible a truly unparalleled publication.

Special Margin Study Guide
All of our large Bibles have a unique easy to use margin study guide with over 90 topics from which to choose. This margin study guide allows the reader to go from cover-to-cover using the pure word of God as their study. There are many other study helps too numerous to list. To name just a few are: a topical concordance, maps, earthquake charts, flood information, the chronology of the bible (by Dr. Floyd Jones), Bible and Science (by Dr. Henry Morris), guide to the laws of the Bible, Jewish calendar, a survey of Daniel's 70 weeks, land and people of the Bible, the time of the patriarchs, judges and kings, and on and on.

Red Letter Old and New Testament
A feature that is unique to our Bibles is a Red Letter Old Testament as well as a Red Letter New Testament. In the Old Testament the red lettering is the direct words of God. In the New Testament the red lettering is the words of Christ.

Large Print
Our Easy Reading Bible has significantly larger text than the similar sized bibles.

The Received Text
Another primary difference between the KJV Easy Reading and other versions on the market is it follows the Received Text. The Received Text is what the church fathers have used for nearly 400 years. The Easy Reading follows the King James text almost word for word merely updating language. Among the many reasons for this is it allows one who has learned English as a second language to have an understanding of the scriptures without thee's and thous'. Please note this has all been done without changing one word of doctrine or touching deity.

Difficult Term Definitions
Underlined words are defined at the end of the verse in a different typeface. When an underlined word occurs more than once per column, it is defined generally in the first and last occurrence in the text column. The explanatory words are not necessarily to be understood as alternate translations, nor as corrective translations. These words, however, will often open up the meaning of a word or verse that often has been otherwise not understood or misunderstood.

Superscript P's
Many wanted the reliability of the King James Bible but were unfamiliar or uncomfortable with many of the old English forms and words. The King James Easy-Reading Bible changes all second person singular pronouns to their modern equivalents: thee (you), thy (your), thine (yours), and thyself (yourself). To distinguish the plural pronouns from the singular ones, the King James Easy-Reading Bible places a superscript p (meaning plural) after each plural second person pronoun. Accordingly, the old English forms yield to the modern equivalents: ye (you p ), you (you p ), your (your p ), yours (yours ), and yourselves (yourselves ). Whenever these forms reflect the name of deity, they begin with a capital letter.

Reading Grade Level
The KJVER version is the easiest reading Bible at the 4th Grade level.

The below chart is a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Indicator test performed on the top seven Bible versions plus the Easy Reading King James. Looking at the results, the KJVER is at the 4th grade level. Combined with the underlined and defined end of verse meanings, this makes it by far the easiest to read most desirable Bible, following the Received Text for people of all ages. The KJVER uses one and two syllable words while new versions have to use multi-syllable words and phrases. Due to the derivative copyright law, this means there can never be another English Bible easier to read than this.

ENTIRE BIBLE Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Scores 2000



ENTIRE BIBLE Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Scores 2000

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